Light Commercial Unit

Trane sets a new standard for Sustainability, Efficiency & Reliability with its next generation air conditioner. It is designed to provide complete solution to all your energy efficient cooling needs in Retail Chains, Schools & Colleges, Hotels, Health Care & Life Science, Data Center & Offices, Industries , Residential Villas, etc.

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Key Features and Benefits

Superior Performance:

  • Higher Energy Efficiency – 10-10.5 EER (10-15% more efficient)
  • Best in Class Airflow
  • Best in Class External Static Capabilities
  • High Ambient Operation – Up to 52 deg. C

Reliability & Durability:

  • Built-in-Reliability as per Trane Global Standards
  • Capable of withstanding Power Supply Fluctuations (+/- 10-12%)
  • Can operate even in higher ambient temperature of 52 deg. C

Ease of Installation:

  • Layout Flexibility – Up to 50 M (vertical 15 M)
  • Side Discharge ODU & Ceiling Suspended IDU

Easy Serviceability:

  • Ease in Serviceability - Factory fitted service valves

Next Generation Product:

  • Environmental friendly Refrigerant – R410A
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controls with BMS Compatibility option
  • Aesthetic Outdoor Unit Design – CII recognition for Excellence in Design

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