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Sustainability close

At Ingersoll Rand we have great opportunities for growth through customer focused innovations that improve the quality of life and our environment. We provide products and services that help customers reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore help minimize the effects of climate change. At the same time, we are working to reduce the energy footprint of our own operations. Read More

Innovation close

At Ingersoll Rand we work to reliably and repeatedly deliver new products, services and processes that create significant value for customers and profitable growth. To accomplish this, we will lean on our 140-year-old history of quality and innovation to provide solutions to customers worldwide. We find new and creative ways to do things differently and more efficiently. Read More.

Community Involvement close

Ingersoll Rand has a long and proud history of supporting the good works of philanthropic organizations around the world. Each year, Ingersoll Rand contributes both time and financial support to the communities in which we live and work. Through these efforts led by our employees, we are creating a meaningful difference in communities around the world. Read More

Engineering and Technology Centers close

The Engineering and Technology Centers are strategic hubs for global innovation and technical excellence within the company. Carrying forward Ingersoll Rand's mission of being a global leader in providing safe, efficient, and comfortable environments, these centers are home to the best talent in the country in a variety of disciplines (embedded software, applications software, firmware, electronics, hardware, mechanical design, test automation, and advanced modeling, simulation, and analysis) while providing world-class infrastructure, and vibrant work environment. Read more.

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