Our CSR Policy

At Ingersoll Rand, we are committed to good corporate citizenship and believe that advancing the quality of life requires taking an active role in addressing the social issues impacting our company and communities. We, at Ingersoll Rand are committed to innovation, building superior technology and dedication to corporate citizenship and sustainability. While marching ahead in our journey to provide the best products, services and solutions, the company endeavors to minimize the environmental impact of its actions. The organization is proud of the progress it is making in the area of sustainability which helps support our customers in their undertaking to improve their sustainability responsibilities. Our products help conserve energy, improve user safety, enhance economic growth, increase the yield of the global agricultural harvest, and provide a host of other benefits to society. We continue to identify ways to improve the work we do, the products we make, and to meet our commitments to our customers, our colleagues and our communities. 

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