Letters to BSE

Letter to BSE - Year 2019

Outcome of the Board Meeting - Change in Registered Office - 17.12.2019 

Outcome of the Board Meering - 17.12.2019 

Related Party Transactions

Appointment of CFO

Scrutinizer report - 97th AGM

Chairman Speech at 97th AGM

Cessation of Mr. Darius C. Shroff as Independent Director of Ingersoll — Rand (India) Limited

Global Press Release in relation to creation of a global leader in mission-critical flow creation and industrial technologies

Appointment of Jayantika Dave as an Independent Director

Appointment of Vijaya Sampanth as an Independent Director 

Outcome of the Board Meeting - 28.03.2019

Letter to BSE - Year 2018

Scrutinizer's report - 96th AGM

Outcome of the Board Meeting

Letter to BSE - Year 2017  

Appointment of CFO

Scrutinizer's report - 95th AGM

Appointment of BSR & Co LLP as statutory auditors of the Company

Letter to BSE - Year 2016

Appointment of Amar Kaul as Chairman

Change in Directors - 30.08.2016

Intimation to stock exchange - Appointment of Amar Kaul as Managing Director

Appointment of Sekhar Natarajan as an Independent

Scrutiniser Reports - 94th AGM

Confirmation of change in Directors and KMP

Change in Directorships

Scrutiniser's report - Postal Ballot voting- 18-04-16

Letter to BSE - Year 2015

Scrutinizer's report on postal ballot

Announcement - Change in board of directors

Consolidated Scrutinizer's Report, September 23, 2015  

Intimation under Clause 36 - Discontinuance of operations at Chennai Plant

Change in the board of directors

Intimation to stock exchange regarding completion of asset purchase from Cameron

Letter to BSE - Year 2014

Letter to Stock Exchanges-Venkatesh Valluri to resign

Intimation regarding asset purchase from Cameron

Combined Scrutinizer's Report

Increase in Volume - Reply to BSE

Scrutinizer report on E-Voting

Scrutinizer's report on postal ballot received by pst

Proceeding of 92nd AGM - Report pursuant to Clause 35A of the Listing Agreement

MGT - 13 Report of Scrutinizer

Combined Scrutinizer's Report

Appointment of Independent Director - Darius Cavasji Shroff

Appointment of Independent Director - Hemraj Chaturbhuj Asher

Intimation to BSE - Appointment of Additional Director

Letter to BSE - Year 2011

Amar Kaul Appointed Manager under Companies Act

Intimation to BSE - Chennai Land

Intimation to BSE - New Manufacturing Plant

Letter to BSE - Year 2010

Buy-back of Equity Shares of the Company

Intimation to BSE - Resignation of Manading Director





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